Kard Muang Mai, the biggest vegetables and Fruits in Chiang Mai

Muang Mai Market or known by the locals, Kars Muang Mai, located near the Ping River and next to Chiang Mai Municipality office. This biggest market is  retail and whole sale  vegetable and fruits in Chiang Mai. As located in the commercial area in the old days and also closes to the Ping River as the best way to transport all goods and products in the part.

Now a day, Maung Mai Market is still the famous local retail and whole sale fresh market among the local people in Chiang Mai. The market itself runs 24 hrs. and always crowded with the local people who shops their fresh veggies and fruits. Walking in the market, you could feel the atmosphere of the local life style which is crowded with the pedestrians as  well as the  trucks and motorbikes which allowed each other to pass by with smiles no matter how busy it is.

Shopping here, allowed you to walk around hand free in case you prefer to buy lots of stuffs. There are men with the trollies service following you and take care your things till you finish and bring to you car.This service is about 50 THB.

This market is very lively and colorful not only the color of the veggies and fruits, but also the way people act. We would recommend if you love the local life style or prefer to buy  the fresh veggies or fruits while staying in Chiang Mai

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