Sticky rice ( Khao Niew Nueng!!)

Asian countries mainly having rice as main dish with different kind of food.  As Thailand is one of the countries in Asia, we have many different kind and types of rice grow in Thailand. People know regular rice or we call in Thai ” Khao Suay”. These kind of rice come in white color and sometimes in brown known as “ Brown rice” which has more vitamin which good for health and antioxidant  also with high nutrition. Regular rice is famous among  Thai people in the central part of Thailand, the east regions and the west regions. However there is also “ Khoa Niew ” or well known among the tourists “ Glutinous rice ” or “ Sticky rice ”.

This kind of rice gives more energy compares with the regular rice because it contains more carbohydrate and sugar. In the northern part and the north-east of Thailand, people mostly consume the sticky rice as they are famers. They work hard in the field which they need more energy to work in long hours.  Cooking method is also different from the regular rice which is easy to use the rice cookers. Cooking sticky rice is special that you couldn’t cook in the rice cookers.

Sticky rice needs to soak in the water overnight to make it soft and easy to cook. “ Nueng ”( steaming)  is the way that the locals use the wooden container with the round lid at the bottom or the bamboo basket cone over the clay pots or pots. To make it cooked well, you need to cover around the edge of the pot and the rice steaming container with wet clothes to keep the vapor or the heat from the steam to go though in the cooking container to make it well cooked. The length of the cooking time could be around 40 minutes. Checking by tasting and see if the sticky rice turn cleared.

Bring the rice container up and pour the cooked sticky rice in the tray and spread it to get rid of the heat and a bit. Then you are having now the fresh cooked sticky rice to eat with all food you prefer. We know that you could also find ripe mangoes in the super markets which means it is now easy for you to practice and cook sticky rice by yourself . Just added  some coconut milk in it then you have the mangoes sticky rice for dessert. It is so tasty and delicious to have sticky rice. It could help you to stay on working in long hours as it slow digestion. However as we told you, it contains lots of carbohydrate and sugar, not to eat too much as you could gain weight so quickly.

Enjoy your sticky rice cooking time!!

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