Sua Mor Horm & Teaw Sa Dor. The Local Lanna Outfit for men.

Each places has our own unique things as a symbol to remember as well as to reflex the  nature and the tradition. Thailand as one of the countries in South East Asia, we do have our own local costumes or outfit depending on the environment of each area.

Chiang Mai is the famous destination in Thailand as the first capital of Lanna ( The Roses of the North : Lanna is from Nopphaburi Sri Nakornping Chiang Mai, it also means the millions of rice fields as we do farming on the fertile land with the Ping River).  We have many locals products which represent ourselves.  Today we are going to tell you about the local outfit for men in Lanna.

As Chiang Mai landscape is mixed of mountains, plain flat area that allowed water irrigations from the Ping River passes by. We grow many different kinds of plants and vegetation.

Cotton is one of the plants that we could grow in the north around July which is a good time. After harvesting, we could produce the cotton yarns for weaving. Cottons is good to make the clothes as it could be warm in cold weather and it is ventilated and breathable fabric in summer time. It could be in different colors depending on what kind of materials or colors we add in. In the local norther Thai, we usually used “ Horm ” or “ Indigo plants ” to get the dark blue color to dye the cotton fabric as it is easy to find in the northern area. Soon after dying the color, we are going to get the dark blue fabric for making outfit for men.

Why using the dark blue outfit for men?

Because it is difficult to see much dirt after working hard for a long day in the fields. Also working outdoor under the sun in the fields, breathable fabric could help to reduce the heat very well. Now a day, things have already developed, we have accept new things and new culture into our daily life. The Northern Thai people still having the outfit on during the Thai New Year Festival which is the annual festival.  It called “ Sua Mor Horm & Teaw Sa Dor” ( The blue indigo cotton top with the indigo fisherman pants). It could be more colorful with Pha Khoa Ma ( The cotton checked design clothes, very useful as belt, towels, Sa-rong , Scarf and Turban.) You could find them in the local markets like Warorot Market in Chiang Mai city. However if you prefer to see the people in the local outfits both men and women, you could come during the Thai New Year Festival ( Song Kran Day 13-15 April) for you to enjoy and get a pleasant atmosphere with locals’smiles

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