Temples worshipping for peaceful mind and spirit

Thailand is one of the Buddhism country in Southeast Asia even we have some with Christian, Islam and some other believe. As main of the population in Thailand are Buddhist, we do love to go to temples to worship and find some peacefulness for our mind.

Due to the situation of the Corona virus or known as Covid19 that spread out through the world so quickly and infirm a whole world in fear and panic. Now a whole world faces to the same situation and try to invent some medicine and vaccine to cure the people who already got the virus in their bodies as well as to protect the people who still  healthy and safe from the virus.

As the inventions of the vaccine that many people come up with, we do have to stay calm and couldn’t be carless in life. Your mind is one of the important to stay calm in this kind of situation. This is why we still go to the temples and pray to get our mind calm and constant as the phrase we have heard “ Healthy body comes from healthy mind.” So keep your mind healthy and be sensible could help us to determine and stay strong. Know what to do, follow all rules of healthy to make safe for ourselves. Every temple in Thailand is opened for the public to visit. During this hard time when we go to temples to pray and worship or even sit and talk for some monks for a whole to listen to the teaching. It could help us to stay calm as well. Life may not be difficult for us all. This hard time is might be the test for us all to go through and show how strong people could adjust and survive. Mercy and care could pass through each other for a better days. Arise future is a wait for us all. Just keep follow the healthy rules, mask on in public, clean your hands more often, avoid the crowded place, eat healthy food and of course be kind to each other that will make us a human!



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