The world has a big change!!

Life goes on and moves forwards. Nobody stop and waste the time. This is the real situation we are all facing. It is unbelievable that small virus could be a strongest power to shake the world as much as we have seen now.

We are now using more technology in our life for convenient as well as for safety. Social distancing has already taken place the meeting in all no matter families, friends or at work.  However we still missing real hugging, touching and meeting in real time which we hopefully to get them back after the spreading of the Corona Virus end.  Hopefully we won’t  forget real life we have spending together instead of in the computer and the smart phone.  Relationship, love, caring, touching, meeting, seeing each other face to face, holding hands and more that show us real humanity.

We couldn’t blame technology that comes to replace many activities in the present. It depends on how we use it and the limit in using it. Technology in all cases are very useful and it is also could be harmful as well. This is up to us to get the advantage from it and do our best to  keep our real society and humankind together while the technology keep going on developing for a great future.

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