Shoes Off. please!!

Shoes Off. please!!!

Travel in Thailand and shoes!!!  How would these 2 things related to each other?

Of course! You leave home from many miles away with shoes. You could have even more than 2 pairs of shoes on the trip, right? No one says no!! I have a pair of shoes for a whole trip which could be from 10 -15 days or up to 6 months in average.  Sometimes people travel even a year !

What about travel in Thailand??  Yes, you do need to have shoes as well. The shoes that have protected your feet from the heat of the ground, safe for your feet when stepping on the stones or things that could cut your feet and get injure, dirt, wet from water and some other reasons. However the most important things is… protecting yourself from all kinds of germs.  This is a simply way to stay healthy, is that true??

Many people have studies and learned before travelling about the tradition and culture of the country you are going to visit. Asian countries and Thailand are always one of the destinations that people put on their bucket list.  Many people says you prefer to travel and learn about the culture of the people and get along with the locals and Yes! This is one way that you could get along with the locals in Thailand even Laos, Cambodia or Myanmar as we are having the similar culture and tradition.

Earlier we had informed about the shoes!!  Our headline is about shoes!!!  Many people know that travel in to Thailand and the countries in South East Asia before getting into the temples area, it is polite to take off the shoes as you are showing respect to the places. In Myanmar is more important to take your shoes off and even the socks wouldn’t allowed in the temples ground. In Thailand, locals do the same in the temples and in the houses or the building which is very common here. In some places only that people could have the shoes on if the places allowed. Not only for showing respect to the places and the locals. This is one way to keep healthy to avoid from the germs that comes with the shoes as walking in many places and is it right that the shoes wouldn’t be washed every day!!  Thinking of you had traveled too many places which you couldn’t sometimes remember. This is the reasons that most of the places have the sign to inform to you that it is better to take off the shoes before you get in. After many years, we found that many people had told that they had known what to do, but it is not true. We found many people show the sign of annoying and even sometimes angry to the owners of the places and pop up the question : Why I have to take off the shoes? Or Is this the temple? which it is not polite at all because in the same way if you have a good observe Thailand, Laos , Myanmar, Cambodia, Japan or Korea, people take of the shoes before they get in to the temples, buildings or the houses. As we informed it is not only the sign of respecting but the most important reason is for hygienic and healthy. Then travel in the Asian countries, it is the same as other countries, we do need to respect the places and people as the proverb : When in Rome do as the Roman do. It is not difficult to understand the different culture, but it depends on how you are going to adjust with the local or you just insisted that you knew, but you don’t want to as you said you travel because you would like to learn the culture when you travel!!

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