Art Gallery to visit in Chiang Mai

Art Gallery to visit in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is well known as the first capital in the northern part of Thailand and the second capital instead of Bangkok.  People from all over the world have listed Chiang Mai as one of the destination to visit on the trip. Chiang Mai has many things for you to do and to see. It has many nature sites and  activities for you to do. Sightseeing tours , trekking tours , adventure tours , culture tours and more.

As many activities in Chiang Mai sometimes you might need some free time to chill and walking around in the old town of Chiang Mai to see the temples and the local life of the local people. Chiang Tai itself also famous for art and crafts which you could visit as walking in the old town.

Today we would like to share and introduce you a small Art Gallery and work shop in the old town. Located on Ratchaphakhinai road, you could find “ Sanguan  1968 Art Gallery” where you could stop by and enjoy with the Art Gallery which Mr. Sanguan and Mrs. Saipin, the artist couples had find art  painted from oils drawing. Most of the painting are portraits which look lively. Other are the temples , Monks and of course elephants which are amazing in details. With 24 years of experience in Painting as well as the experience of attending in many art exhibitions both in Thailand and abroad, you could find a beautiful and charming paintings here.




Mr. Sanguan and Mrs. Saipin have dedicated with their hearts to create the painting to edify people mind.  Sanguan 1968 Art Gallery opens daily from Tuesday to Sunday from  10.00am – 11.00pm. There is no entrance free tickets to get in which you could feel free to visit.  In case you prefer to have a special order for your portrait  or have a short course learning to paint by your own, you could contact on spot or email for the information.

Art is a wonderful thing.

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