The Khoa Niew Mamuong – Mango Sticky Rice

The Khoa Niew Ma Muong , Mango Sticky Rice.

Visit to Thailand without trying “ Mango Sticky Rice” would be one of the thing you shouldn’t miss.  It is one of the famous dishes that you should try and you would found out the big surprised for more. Most of the people come to Thailand always know that this is the heaven for the food lovers could find.  The tasty Tom Yum Koong ( Spicy Shrimp soup) , Pad Thai ( Fried noodles which you could order different kind of meat you prefer or even the Veggie Pad Thai!! ,  Som Tum ( The Papaya Salad which could be changed from raw papaya to long beans , cucumber and ever carrots!)  Come to this point, you might get your mouth watering. Because We knew that you knew one of them for sure.

However today, we are going to talk about the famous Thai dessert, Mango Sticky Rice. It might look strange to have the fresh fruit and sticky rice as a kind of dessert.  It is a local wisdom that invented this kind of dessert. Sticky rice has to be cooked and mix in the coconut milk and a little bit of salt . Some people added a bit of sugar. However it is not important. Due to the mangoes used in the dessert are ripe and they have a sweet taste in them.  Mango Sticky rice usually serve in the summer time because it is the mangoes season.   However now we could grow mangoes all year round, no wonder you could find Mango Sticky Rice wherever you want to eat.  In summer , the price is not too high, but in other seasons it might be a little expensive as its taste not as good as in its own season.


In Some of the restaurant, Mango Sticky Rice becomes the famous dish that recommended on its menu. It could even serve with peeled green beans which give you the texture and crispy flavor , serve with ice cream could be one of the choice you could get as well.


What we mentioned above is the most famous among tourist which you shouldn’t miss. However there is some other sticky rice that come in dessert in different way that you could find the local markets such as  Durian Sticky Rice ( Tasty, but come with strong smell) , Sticky Rice with egg  Custard ( The Sangaya in Thai)  and the local once that you should try one is Sticky Rice with dried fish powder ( Khoa Niew Pla Pon).  Well it is difficult to explain for how the taste like. It is better for you to try your own and see how you like them.

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