The Phasinh – Lanna Dress up!!

The Phasinh -Lanna  Dress up!!

As the Lanna Thai used to be independent before we became Siam. We have our own way to dress. The Lanna Thai Ladies would have the Sarong ( Locals People called Pha-Sinh) in their daily life.

The Pha Sinh ( Sarong) usually made from cotton due to there are many cotton fields in the north area. The cotton would be collected from the fields and passing all the process of seed separate , spinning , dying the color which usually from the nature. However now a day, there are clothes coloring which give more varieties in color than in the pass. The last process would be the weaving process which have to use a lot of skills of the weavers to design the textiles and the pattern to create the beautiful and the colorful Phasinh for all ladies to use in their daily life.


Phasinh  could be used as the national outfit which Lanna ladies could wear from the young age until the old age. It could be said that since they are born until they die. Now a day, the Phasinh is now use less often then in the old day. Due to the young generation have except the new traditional from the west  and wearing more western skirts , pants or jeans as they are comfortable and easy for their movement.  However wearing the Phasinh still be practiced in the school for the girls. Especially for the girls who learning the Thai dancing. To keep our traditional of wearing the Phasinh, every school in Chiang Mai have a great idea for their students to wear the Northern Thai costume to school. This has happened now in every schools in Chiang Mai . You could see them on every Fridays. Each school would use their school color as the color of the outfit.


Also when people go to the temples in the religion days as well. It is the perfect sight and pleasant to enjoy.  One of the special occasion that you could have a chance to see the locals dress up in the Phasinh is The Thai New Year Day ( Song Kran Festival) , Thai Wedding day or some of the important day which we have to go to the temples.


There are Phasinh or Sarong in the local markets and shops for you to choose and get back as the souvenir or to wear as the local do.

Wearing the Phasinh are varies, there are different ways . Normally, as the Chiang Mai people, the ladies are going to wear as the tube skirts ( Wrapped around the waist) with the silver belts as the decoration.  Don’t you think this is charming and beautiful for the ladies in the north when they’re wearing the Phasinh,  do you?

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