The 4 Footprint of the 4 Buddhist Lord Buddha at Pra Buddha Baht Si Roy

The 4 Footprint of the 4 Buddhist Lord Buddha at Pra Buddha Baht Si Roy

It is well known among the people that Thailand people are Buddhist and pray for the Lord Buddha. There are many temples all around Thailand where they open for the public to visit and pray.  

Today Chiang Mai Tour Center would like to tell you the story of “ Wat Pra Buddha Baht Sii Rooy”  ( The temple of the 4 Footprints of the 4 Lord Buddha”.  The Buddhism had spread out through out mainly Asia for long long time ago and we believe each period runs 2,500 years after  the Lord Buddha passed away. This temple located in Mae Rim area up in the mountain. According to the story of the temple, the Lord Buddha , Sitthattha  himself, after his enlightenment, he had started his journey to spread out the Buddhism around Asia. One he had stopped by the area. The landscape of the mountain in the northern part of Thailand ( Chiang Mai). He had found the 3 footprints of the 3 previous Buddha who had enlightenment before his era. They had visited the same area and left their footprints as the symbol. Then Sitthattha , the Lord Buddha had done the same thing to leave his footprint laid over the old footprints as you could see as present. Soon he left and time went by. from the story, it was founded by the local hunter as the god disguised himself as the falcon and flied over the hunter village. Then grabbed a chicken and started to flied away. The hunter was very angry and ran after the falcon and tracked as the hunter thought it would return to the next over the mountain and landed over its nest. The hunter found it was difficult to climb over to the mountain to get the chicken back home. By surprise, he couldn’t find the falcon or even its nest. The chicken laid on the dried bushes. Rushed the hunter to get his chicken home.  He grabbed the chicken and found something on the big rock.  He tried to take the dried bushes out of the big rock. Finally, he found the 4 footprints  on the rock which were not the same sizes.  He rushed to the village and told the story to the people. Then the villagers headed up to the mountain and  started to had a shelter and worshiped. Soon the villagers named the place “ The Temple of the Falcon”  ( Wat Pra Baht Hang Hung*)  Since then we had one of the sacred place for the Buddhist to visit and worship since then.


From Chiang Mai city, travelling by car it takes almost an hour and a half as it located up the mountain with the narrow and widing road. The temple has the big parking space now as the time changed. You could walk up the stairs case to the 4 Lord Buddha Footprints. In the building where the footprints located, it is nice, cool and quiet. It is good for someone who seeking for the peaceful and meditation. With cool climate and not too hot as in the city. The temple is a place for you or someone who wish to calm your mind and meditation.

Just some important to inform when you visiting in the temples area, please kindly be polite. Not to give each other hugging or kissing in the temples ground to show respect to the places, please.

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