Mae Kok River

Most people when travel to Chiang Mai always intend to stay in Chiang Mai city area as the time limit and prefer to visit more places which might include some other sites in north before continuing the trip to some places like Bangkok or to the beaches. If time allowed, we would suggest you to go around in the north area because it is interesting to do and to see. The tour packages would be a good choice for you as the program could provide you the sites as well as the accommodation along the trip which is more comfortable for you to enjoy both the scenery and information. In this blog we would like to recommend you to visit to the north side of Chiang Mai called Thaton. Thaton is a small town located nearby the border of Thailand and Myanmar. There you could see one of the river which originated from Myanmar and passes through Thailand at Ban Thaton ( Thaton Town) and go to Chiang Rai city before meets again with Mae Khong River which divide Thailand and Laos and continue as the international river and passed through many countries. Don’t mix up the name of these 2 rivers as their names Mae Kok River is quite interesting for travel to Chiang Rai. Because if you have time and travel from Chiang Mai to Thaton, not only some other sites that you could see and enjoy on the roadside, but also you can take the boat trip from Thaton to Chiang Rai. The boat ride could keep you a nice view along the river. From Thaton, it is 78 kilometers from the starter to the pier in Chiang Rai city. It takes around 2-3 hours to get to Chiang Rai along the river current. However we could also take the boat from Chiang Rai along Mae Kok River to Thaton as well. However it would takes longer time as from Chiang Rai back to Thaton is against the river. Either way, it gives you a really great experience and the points of view. Next time you could put the boat trip on Mae Kok River on your travel list.

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