Pha Chor, The canyon.

Nature is always beautiful to visit. It could fulfill our energy from working and stressful. Travelling is one way for the people to fill the energy and kill the stress from whatever we have in our daily lives. Many are seeking and find out that nature could be the best medicine to cure and gain our power before getting back to work. Of course, Thailand is one of the best destinations for you to visit. As you think of Thailand, for sure that Chiang Mai is one on your list no matter you’ve visited or not. Chiang Mai is the second capital city of Thailand which has different combinations in both nature, culture, tradition and people. Travel to Chiang Mai is now super easy by direct flights from many different airlines or stop by in Bangkok and continue the trip on road with the lovely scenery and places for you to visit and see.

Nature sites in Chiang Mai and the northern Thailand are many, but today we are going to tell you about “ Pha Chor Canyon” where you could walk and explore the nature. Pha Chor was part of the Ping River once, but the time the river had changed the flowing way many years ago, it had left the area with the wonderful design of the soil erosion like the pillars and big beautiful clay walls as seen. From the parking space, you could walk to the information center and start your walk along the walking path and some part of the view points you could stop by and taking photos. Once you arrive at the main area, it would be a challenge for you to take the picture of the canyon big view. This walk is not too long and it is ok for all ages to go around. The walk way that the national park provided is in the circle which covered a whole area of Pha Chor for you.

We think this would be one of the places that you could put on the list while travelling in Chiang Mai as it assumes as the unseen sites in Chiang Mai. If you love walking and nature, we think this place is good to visit.

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