The Khao Larm, sticky rice in the bamboo tube.

The Khao Larm, sticky rice in the bamboo tube.

Going picnic is something fun for all people. Food and all supply would be contained in the small containers which could be Tupperware or in the other kind of the containers we could find in the kitchen.

In northern Thailand in the old days, we couldn’t find the containers from plastic which more colorful, different sizes and design. However the locals could find the local resources and use the local wisdom to apply in their daily life which is continue to present. Walking the local markets, you could find some of the vendors selling the bamboo sticks. This is the one you should try. Sticky rice in the bamboo sticks could be different flavors. There’re both in white sticky rice and black sticky rice. Sometimes it comes plain sticky rice, but sometimes you could find they added egg custard, beans or sesame to have more flavor, taste and nutrient.


Normally, you could find the Khao Larm in winter time in the northern Thailand as there are many bamboo trees in the forest which is easy to find and also grow easily in the hilly area. After cutting the bamboo and bring back home. They are going to be cut in about the foot length ( 30 cms.) and clean with water and leave them dry in the sun. Once the preparation of the bamboo finish then the preparation of the ingredient is started. Sticky rice which was soaked in the water for 2hrs. Then mixed with the ingredient from coconut milk which boiled with the pandan leave plus seasoning with a bit of palm sugar and a bit of salt, boiled black beans ( could be Parilla mint seed or in Thai called “Nga Khi Mon”). Fill mixed ingredient in the bamboo tubes and cover the end of the tubes by banana leaves or coconut hair as they could give a good small after cooked. The next process is grilling process on the stove with hot charcoal which is very simple. This is the very important process, turning the bamboo tubes around to make them all well cooked. The grilling process takes around 2 hrs.


The last process is the way to make them look nicer instead of the burning bamboo tubes. Sharp knives would slide out the burning bamboo skin out and now ready as you see.

We could say that the Khao Larm is very tasty and high nutrient. They are easy to carry around.

Don’t forget to try the Khao Larm if you see one. It would fill your stomach when you are hungry!!



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