Local Life Style Dress Up!!

Local life style dress up!!

Life could be different from each other from all over the world. Culture and tradition could also present out by dressing of the local people. May different countries from all over the world has our own traditional costumes or outfit which are very beautiful and graceful.  The dress not only to protect our body from the unexpected weather which could be changed and happen by the environment and the location where the countries located.

Even now a day, life may change as the surrounding has developed with all new technology all around the world. New things has invented and popped up so fast. No matter the environment change, there are many people in the countries around the world try keeping the traditional costumes to remind the old days.

Travel in many countries, you could also see the traditional costumes wear by the locals. It looks lively and colorful, isn’t it? It is about art and culture which combine in the perfect way.

Walking on along the roads, markets or anywhere you could find the colorful and the blending of color in our life.

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