Chiang Mai Tour Center, Travel and tour agency in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Tour Center, Travel and tour agency in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Tour Center is finest  travel and tour agency in Chiang Mai. Located in Chiang Mai old town on Rachamankha road which is easy to find.  The founders are Ake and Nart who have a long experience in travel filed for over 18 years.  Started from the tour guides who shown the visitors who travel  in Chiang Mai and then all around the area in the northern part as well as in Thailand area.  With our own experiences, we had started the tour company called “ Chiang Mai Tour Center” and arrange the travel services and tours with our colleagues and team. As the private travel agency who arrange the private trips for couples , family and friends with more varieties in term of places and activities combine in the programs of us. The plan trips are also suitable for all ages and genders. our team staffs are friendly and care you as you are our family members. You would have a great experience and pleasant unforgettable memory  with our services.

In term of the tour agency which located in the old town of Chiang Mai. We have also the tour counter which help you to arrange and give you some suggestions on travelling in a day tour in case you are travelling alone and prefer to travel with other people and make new friends. We have well selected for our connection to bring you to the attractions in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.


Whenever  you have a plan to visit Thailand, Chiang Mai or where else, you could check and see in our website for the private tour services for your convenient for us to arrange the services for you in advanced before your arrival. We could also start from Bangkok to Chiang Mai or from Chiang Mai to Bangkok for private tour service packages.

In case you travelling alone or prefer to travel in group which we had already mentioned above by our well selected connections, please feel free to visit us at our office to get some ideas and we could arrange you some suggestions and be a connection for you.

Welcome to Chiang Mai and welcome to visit Chiang Mai Tour Center!!

Chiang Mai Tour Center, Travels and Tour Agency Chiang Mai. 

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