Kard Ba Paow (The Coconut Market Craft and Chic Market)

Chiang Mai is as the most famous site in the north of Thailand. There are many different market places spread out as the local people love cooking by themselves which we could adjust the taste of the food as we prefer to. The local markets come in varieties with some of them focus just only for the fresh ingredients for the people to choose and cook as their preferable. We had told you many different markets like Warorot Market in the city located right along the Ping River, Toon Fah Bod  local market in San Pa Tong district as the biggest local markets out town. (Most people known as the Cow and Buffaloes market as they have the cow and buffaloes for the farmers to buy them for working in the fields. Rustic Market or known as Jing Jai Market, the crafts and organic market which located not to far from the old town.

Today we are going to tell you about one of the unique market place. Located in coconut farm which no wander why they called it “ Kard Ba Paow”. ( Kard = Market / Ba-Paow = local northern dialect word to call the coconut tree or the fruit itself.) From the old town, it would take around 15-20 minutes to get there. By the environment of the market which located in the coconut farm and the water channels which run through the coconut farm. Some of the areas in the coconut farm has divided in the small shops. There are the craft shops, food and drinks, food and even more. You could walk around and buy whatever you like and walk around to find the seat from bamboo or from the dry straw to sit and enjoy with the landscape under the shady of the coconut trees in the farm. This market opens only in the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) from 7am -4 pm. This open hour would depend on the announce as well as the policy of the government and the health department of Thailand in order to control the spreading of the Coronavirus. We think this market would be one of the choices for you to enjoy and fulfil your holiday or your vacation while you are in Chiang Mai.

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