The Seasons in Thailand.

The seasons in Thailand.

As Thailand located near the equator, the weather and the climate is warm and humid. However as the weather is warm and humid, there are more variety and different for you who seeking for the differences to visit and learn for the contrasting of the nature.

As many people around the world have the same idea and put Thailand as one of the destination to travel. Not only because of the cost of living, but also the different and varieties in the surrounding and the environment.

Travelling in Thailand could be a whole year round depending on how you prefer to see and enjoy with the climate.

Below information could help you to determine the time of the year which you refer to see and learn about Thailand.

Useful weather information for you!

November – February.
During the winter in Thailand, the temperature is between 5 – 12 degrees Celsius / 41 – 54 degrees Fahrenheit. You should come prepared with appropriate clothing. This is the best time for traveling in Thailand, due to the nice and cool weather. The landscape is covered with blooming flowers and lush vegetation which makes the bio diversity of birds and wildlife plentiful.

Tip : As the weather is cold and cooler, there are many flowers and nice to walk around. This kind of the weather you could get in the Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and other area in the northern part of Thailand as there is the pleasant weather for travelling. Most activities are recommended to do.

March – May.
This is summer time, the temperature is between 28 – 33 degree Celsius / 82 – 91 degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest time of the year is April, when temperatures can reach as high as 43 degree Celsius / 109 degrees Fahrenheit. Bring something light and thin to wear. Hat, sun glasses and sunscreen is recommended.

Tip : The weather at this time of the year it warm and hot. However the weather in the northern part of Thailand as Chiang Mai , Chiang Rai and other northern area still better weather compare with Bangkok and north-east of Thailand as there are mountain area to visit with the forest.

Other area to visit is south of Thailand and island if you prefer to lay on the beach for sun barthing.

June – October.
This is the rainy season, the temperature is between 18 – 25 degree Celsius / 64 -77 degrees Fahrenheit. An umbrella or rain coat are recommended. Flip flops or thongs are the best shoes to wear during these months.

Tip : This time of the year is call” Rainy Season”, there is rain spread a whole country of Thailand. The northern part may has the advantage as rain comes and the water always flow to the middle part and the southern part of Thailand which has not much problems with the flood. This time of the year is suitable for the adventure activity like white water rafting and trekking with lush green forests. However as the nature still wild, you may check with the travel agency before you decide to go on the trip or the activities as the locals known better in the area for you to visit.

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