The Old Chiang Mai Cracker Shop.

The Old Chiang Mai Cracker Shop.

Taking about the snack for afternoon tea or to have some of them on the school trip or picnic as Chiang Mai people, no one never know the oldest Chiang Mai cracker shop  or “ Kha Nom Pang Peep”  . If we separate the words from each other you could find their meaning as below. These words could be used to communicate with Thais as it is very common to the locals.

Kha Nom “ refers to the snack in all kind.

Kha nom Pang’  refers to all kinds of bread and crackers.

Peep” in term of our headline, it  refers to  the containers of the snacks which made from Aluminum in the box shapes with the lids to open.  However “Peep” could refers to the sound when people horn their vehicles and the sound of the signal as well.

Well…well..come back to our headline. Today we are going to talk about the oldest craker shop in Chiang Mai.  You could call this shop ” Ran Kha Nom Pang Peep“. It has been known for the locals over 30 years now. The owners are the 2 very kind old ladyy sisters. In the shop there are more varieties of crackers and snacks you could choose and buy. They also sell for a whole peep ( You may call it a bucket which contain one kind of the cracker in it) or you could also buy a bit of different kind of crackers in gram which price not very expensive.



Locals people in Chiang Mai area always come to buy the crackers here. Some people may say they could see this kind of shop in somewhere  else, but We are sure that they are different as they have some other things selling in the shops as mix staffs. The oldest cracker shop we tell you is only place that sell only the crackers which are very colorful and good price.


The shop is easy to find. Located in the old town of Chiang Mai on Rachamanka Rd. and Rachaphakhinai Rd. at the corner next to the travel agency ( Chiang Mai Tour Center).  You could stop by and buy some crackers and see the colorful  of them.


Walking in the old town for site seeing, you may need some snacks or crackers to fill your energy  while enjoying the lovey city, Chiang Mai.

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