Chiang Mai Craft Week

Chiang Mai Craft Week!!!

Hello!!  all craft lovers. If you love to do crafts, you will love this fair! Winter time in Chiang Mai we have many fairs and things that take place at this time of the year. Last time we had told you about the Flower Festival which hold on the 1st weekend of February every year. (This would not be during the pandemic of the Covid19 that shakes the whole world and stop the time and all movement. Since early of 2020 that we had faced to the new challenge to get over the virus. Even now we couldn’t get over it, but we could adjust and manage to survive. So…life gets back on the tracks even it is not a hundred percent, but it is going to be better. Let’s think positive.

Let talk about Chiang Mai Craft week, it is the gathering of the craftsmen and artists with their art works and products. It is a small event that happens in Chiang Mai for the people who are interesting in the crafts to see and learn. The event usually lasts for 3-4 days and depends on the location. If you love art and craft, this is the opportunity for you to see, find the products you like with the artists. You could also learn how to make some of the craft works as there are also some small courses for you to choose and learn in the short time. The cost depends on the crafts you are interested to make. We had a chance to visit Chiang Mai Craft Week 2022(this year)and got some pictures for the atmosphere for you to see. So that next time when you visit to Chiang Mai, you will have somethings to fulfill your trip while visiting in Chiang Mai.

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