Wat Chalermprakiat ,The floating temple on Lampang

Chalerm Phrakiat Temple ( Pu Pha Dang Temple), Lampang

Chalerm Phrakiat Temple ( Pu Pha Dang Temple), Lampang located in Chae  Hom District, Lampang. From Chiang Mai, it takes roughly almost 2 hours to get there depending on the traffic on the way. Suggested visit in the morning time which you could have time to enjoy the lovely view on the top after the climb on the metal stairs case for 800 meters long up to the lime stone mountain.


There is the legend of the giants ( Pu Pha Dang, Ya Khoa Khiaew )who live in this area. They hunted  and killed all lives both animals and humans for fletch meat for their survive. The Lord Buddha had visited and taught them to stop doing the sin. They asked for the exchange to name the temple after their names. This is how the name “ Pu Pha Dang Temple” comes from.


From Chiang Mai, by car ( no public bus to get there) it takes an hour and a half to get the temple in Chae Hom district in Lampang. After the arrival at the parking space, you have to change the local taxi service by the locals people as the road is very narrow and steep. The staffs need to check and let the vehicle go up and down only one at the time for safety. From the second parking space on the top, it is the time for you to do the exercise climbing the stairs case to the temple which located on the very top of the lime stone mountain.  The time to get the top depending on your physical, suggested to take a slow climbing if you are not too fit. Walking way with the nice view of the forest and the view below. Around 40minuts to an hour, you are going to reach the temple. You must be tired, but soon after seeing the view, it would take your breath away. There are 2 different plat forms for you to enjoy the view of temple and the scenery. Stunning view of the rice fields and villages below, pagodas on the top of limestone mountain and cool breeze. You will forget how difficult of the climbing.




Well…if you reach the top, it is easy to go down the stairs. If you have  a chance to visit is worth , it  is a great opportunity to doin a day vist just for Lampang or combine on the trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai or Chiang Mai to Bangkok in a pacakge.

Temple which we called the floating temple is waiting for your visit in Lampang.


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