Chang Moi Road, Chiang Mai

Changmoi Road is one of the main street in Chiang Mai that lead us to the most important local commercial area. The road located on the east side of Chiang Mai old city area. It would take you only a few minutes from the famous Thapae Gate to the left of the gate for you to find Changmoi Road.  “ Chang” means elephant which in Chiang Mai pronounce “ Jang”. “ Moi” ( Moy) is the verb for the northern people to explain the sleepy action or feeling very tired till you want to sleep. In the old days, the royal family in Chiang Mai traveled by the elephant riding. As the east side is the way to the Ping River which is the main river to continue the further journey to Bangkok by boat or by raft. It was crowded and busy. They said sometimes the elephants felt tired and sleepy when they reached here.

Now a day, after the city has developed, there are more houses and shops along Chang Moi Road. Walking in the old town is pleasant thing to do. Because you could see more view and good for photos. Along the small road of Chang Moi, you could find the craft shops, local business building, some coffee shops for you to sit and relax. In less than 10 minutes, you could find the China Town Gate which you could continue to the biggest day local market near the Ping River for you to enjoy the colorful of food and stuffs, flowers , fabric , local life of the people which move on in the market area. Products in the market also good quality and not too expensive for you to buy as in the shopping mall.  It is good for you to see the local life and support the local products if you prefer to. Chiang Mai is one of the place where there are more variety in term of activities, nature site and culture that you could visit and enjoy

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