The Inthakhin Ceremony Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is one of the places where the tourists always put in the travel list. As Chiang Mai is thesecond capital of Thailand and assumed as one of the biggest city in the Northern of Thailand. Many people knew that Chiang Mai has a lovely nature sites as well as the beautiful tradition which the locals still keep this lovely tradition and past it to the young generation. The ceremony takes place in the early of the rainy season which usually in the last weekend of May to the early weekend of June. It lasts a week in total. This ceremony is for the locals to show respect to the city pillar of Chiang Mai which we believe the Indra God gave to the king when he decided to establish Chiang Mai in the old days. We could also say it was the first pillar settlement of Lanna. On the first day, there would be the parade to bring the Buddha image named “ Phra Jao Fon San Haa” (The Secret Buddha of the rain) in order to have rain and enough water for the agriculture and farming. The locals would try to participate in the parade to pull the carriage which the Buddha image sit on to go from the center of the old town (Three Kings Monument) to the Chedi Luang Temple (The Grand Pagoda Temple). Then place him in the canopy for the people to show respect as well as showing respect to the city pillar. When the local people come to this temple, we are going to have many flowers, incents and the candles for us to put on the trays or the containers which line up around the city pillar building. This kind of ceremony is not very often to see. Because not only it is a graceful ceremony, you could also see the locals wear the traditional outfit which is very beautiful and colorful. This might be something you are interesting to see while you have a chance to visit Chiang Mai during the end of May to the early of June.

Remark : In 2022, the ceremony starts from May 27 th – June 2 nd 2022. This remark is for you who had already arrived in Chiang Mai in this time.

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