The “Kluay Khao Moa Thod”

Kluay  Khao Moa  Thod

Kluay Khao Moa Thid is the Thai word to call the whole deep fried ripe bananas with Khao Mao which is a type of rice.

First of all , we need to know what Khao Mao actually is. “ Khao Mao “ is the word calling the young rice paddy after passing the process before becoming the desert as we know. “ Khao Mao” come from the young rice around 15 days – 25 days before they turn hard and ready to harvest.  The farmers would collected them and then separate them to see how good quality to be “the Khao Moa” by soaking in the bowl of water. The good quality ones would sink in the water and the bad ones would float on the surface. After they get the good quality of rice to make the “ Khao Mao” . The rice would be steam in the basket as we cook the sticky rice for about 20 minutes and fry again in the hot pan and let dry. The last process till we have the “Khao Mao” is  beating them in the big mortar and blow the husk out to get only the rice ( Khao Mao). This is how we get the “ Khao Mao” before we could cook “ Kluay Khao Moa” as seen in the market.

Now we know what the Khao Mao actually is, we could starts for “ Kluay Khao Mao” , yummy desert.

By mixing the Khao Mao with the coconut milk with a bit salt , sugar and  some of the grounded coconut together and  dip a whole ripe  bananas in the sauce. Deep fry in the hot pan with the cooking oil till it turn yellow and bring up. Put them on the plate decorated with deep fried grounded coconut and deep fried Khoa Mao which could make them tasty and  more crunchy. This kind of desert is very difficult to find now due to there are many different process till you get the tasty desert as informed above.  However we could the good tasty one in Ayutthaya. If you could remember the last blog we had written about “ Ting Noodles shop” near by the railroad. Next to the noodles shop , there is one which is very tasty as well as not to expensive.

Kluay  Khoa Mao Thod by Yai Ped is a small shop or you could even just a small  green tent along the street next to the noodles shop. It is not difficult to find. You could hop by and see the process of Kluay Khao Moa cooking there. Because she always makes it fresh cook on spot. So you could be sure that you would get the tasty Kluay Khao Mao in an good quality as we always say “ Clean food ,good taste.”  Don’t forget to stop by to try this kind of desert if you are in Ayutthaya or having a change to visit Ayutthaya, Thailand.

While writing about it , we ‘re hungry and have watering mouth now. Ha Ha Ha.

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