Tasty Ayutthaya Local Noodles Soup

Ayutthaya local Noodles soup

Noodles soup restaurant are everywhere in every places you are visit in Thailand. Today Chiang Mai Tour Blog would tell you about  one of the street food in Ayutthaya.

Why it has to be Ayutthaya? Because Ayutthaya is one of the famous site where many people who travel to Thailand would visit. No matter they travel alone , in group or private trip which for sure that everybody needs to fill the stomach with tasty food for the energy. What if it is not the fancy restaurants  or eating in the hotel restaurants. Street food would be a good choice as well. It doesn’t mean that the local restaurant would have a nice location or nice decoration, but good taste. The thing that could  guarantee  in our opinion is numbers of people who stop by.  Many times we visit Ayutthaya, we spotted one of the noodles shop near by the railroad which always has people stops by. Then we think , we have to try. Of course, it’s worth money and good taste.




“ Ting – Noodles shop” located in Ayutthaya city . It is located near by the railroad. The shop is not too big, but there are many people as the local in Ayutthaya itself  as well as the other travellers  are always fill the shop all the time. Some have to wait for the queue or sharing the table. Here they serve mainly pork noodles  which you could order with soup ( Cleared soup /Tum yum soup or dry one) .



On the tables are always some appetizer such as fried pork skin , boiled eggs  and some Thai desert like the steam sticky rice cake as well as the steam sticky rice with coconut in the banana leaves for you  to try and take while waiting for your orders.  “Ting Noodles shop” is about 10 years and all workers are from the same family.  This could also show how closes of the people in local Thai Family are.  Not only  tasty noodles , you could also get  a good hospitality from the host as well.



Having noodles and enjoy seeing the view of the trains which pass by sometimes is something fun to do. No rush which you could enjoy or order for more if you which.  If you have a chance to spend  some times in Ayutthaya. Try adding “ Ting Noodles shop” to your plan. Then you would love it and would return back in the future. Because  ” The army marches on its stomach”



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