The Rickshaw / The Tricycle ( Sarm-Lor)

The  Riskshaw  / The Tricycle ( Sarm-Lor)

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The Rickshaw / The Tricycle,  the local name for Chiang Mai people  is” Sarm – Lor”, the local transportation which the local people still use in the present.
Kring! Kring !  the sound from the bell as the rickshaw riders use to make the sound instead of the horn. With the big container shape like a big basket behind for the passenger to sit in and now you are ready to go. Slowly ride with the rickshaw could give you a pleasant view along the way  the rickshaw ride pass.  You could have a change to get more photos than other kind of local transportation. Many young generation love to take the Tuk-tuk which is more faster. However you must be fast enough to get the photos on the way.

Most of the Rickshaw or the Tricycle would be found at the local markets in Chiang Mai  such as Kard Luang ( Waroroj Market) , Muang Mai market ( near by the Ping River) , Prutu Chiang Mai Market ( near by Chiang Mai Gate, the old city wall) and  Chiang Puak Morning  Market ( near by the Chang Puak Gate , the gate the north of Chiang Mai).

The fare is around 100-150 THB or if it is in the longer distant, it might be a bit more which you could negotiate.

Should try this kind  local transportation  because most of them are the elderly and not many young generation become the rickshaw  rider.


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