The Naga,the king of the serpent

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The Naga , the king of the dragon.

“Naga” is one of the mythical animal that very important for the Buddhism.  According to the Lord Buddha’s story. While he was meditation,there was hard rain and this mythical  animal came to help him by raise him up from the ground to protect him from the rain. ( You could find the Naga in which telling this part of the Lord Buddha’s story  from the Buddha  image with the king of the Serpent in most of the temples. The Buddha for Saturday)

From the Lord Buddha’s story , the Naga asked the Lord  Buddha to become a  monk.The Lord Buddha didn’t allow him and explained that  he isn’t  a human. The Naga  himself was upset and then he had disguised himself by magic

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to be a young man and returned back to the Lord Buddha again  to become  a monk. This time also didn’t work  because he has his tail still as the Naga. The Lord Buddha has sawhis strong willing of the Naga and give him a promise to name all men before they become monk, ” The Naga” to show the strong willing of the Naga and to remind his grateful as well.

Every temples stairs case is also the symbol as the way that lead the people to the temples ground.  We do compare as the way to lead us to the heaven. The Buddhism  believe the temples as the heaven where people could seek for purity in mind and peaceful.

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