Wat Pra That Doi Kham Temple ( Temple of the Golden Mountain), Chiang Mai

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Wat Pra That Doi Kham Temple or Temple of the  Golden Mountain ,Chiang Mai.

Doi Kham Temple (Temple of the Golden Mountain) was built in the period of Queen Jammatheweeof Lamphum by both of her twins sons in B.E. 1230 ( 687 A.D.). The pagoda contained with the Lord Buddha’s relics. In the old days, the temple was called ” Suwannabanpot Temple however the villagers  like to call it ” Doi Kham” ( Doi = Mountain  and ” Kham” = the gold). According to the the  temple history, it was the deserted temple with its broken  treasure – house such as Phra Rod Luang, the big  ancient sandstone Buddha image covered with gold and Phra Sam Hom which made from clay.
In the temple itself, there is also ” Luang Por Tun Jai”, the Buddha image of  success  which people love to visit the temple to worship and make a wish. If the wish comes true, people always return back to visit the temple again with the jasmin garlands  to worship and showing their gratitude  to the Buddha image which you could see all jasmin garlands pile up on the table in front of the small chapel where the Buddha image places inside.
Walking around the pagoda area , visitors could see the small houses of the Gods and Goddesses  who protect the  temple area as well such as the 2 Giants Gods who protect the temple ground and the people in that area , the statue of Wasuthep Ruesii ( The hermit ) who use to meditation up on Doi Suthep Mountain and protect Doi Suthep Temple as present , Queen Jamathewee of Hariphunchai ( Lamphun province) as well as some other Gods and Goddesses around the pagoda base.

The renovation of the temple and the surrounding area was in  2524 B.E.( 1981 A.D.)  and the Big Buddha image which we could see from the foot hill was called ” Phra Buddha Napeesripingkaratana” . Also the  statue of Queen Jamathewee  was built in  2538 B.E ( 1995 A.D) on the temple ground before the main entrance to the temple as well.

From the balcony of the temple, visitors could see the view of the Royal Flora Rajchapruk Park where the Thai people honor the show the respect to His Majesty the King of Thailand for his 60th years on the throne with the big cerebration. This is one of the place to visit in Chiang Mai because you could also visit to the park as well as Chiang Mai Night Safari as well.




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