Loi Krathong Yee Peng Laerntern Festival.

It has been already 2 years since the Coronavirus (Convid-19) outbreak. People live their lives in fear of the small tiny virus which unbelievable it could shake a whole world in horror and terrifying.  Life have changed since then. We have new way of life to follow in term to stay healthy and strong, but the most important is to survive. The life adjustment has effect the way of living and changing the daily life. New normal is the new word that people practice and get used to it.

By the end of the year in Thailand,  not only the weather changing from rainy season to winter time, but also the starter of the happy seasons. There are many activities which take place in this time of the year. Starts from November when the full moon night comes, it is time to celebrate Loi Krathong Festival. The light and sound brighten the dark night. Chiang Mai is one of the places in Thailand that interesting to visit in this time of the year. Around the old town and the old city walls are going to decorate with colorful light. Not only the old town, but also very houses of the locals. They are going to decorate their houses in glittering light which from the candles light as well as the colorful electric light. The kids are going to run around with happiness and playing the Chinses crackers as well as the fireworks with laughter. The festival lasts for 3 days long however the preparing might take a week before. Before the real day starts local people are going to prepare their house by cleaning and decorating their houses with colorful flowers and lights. Then the family would gather together and making the Krathong, the flowers shape things which made from the banana trunk and banana leaves by folding the leaves into the flower petals shapes then put and arrange them together into the lotus shapes. Putting in the colorful flowers more for decorate it. Then put the incense sticks and a candle in it as we are going to let it float in the river by night. During the day if you go around the old town you are going to see the colorful lanterns hanging which is allowed you to take a photos. It doesn’t mean that visit only in the day time, we still recommend you to see them again by night as the light give you different view and perspective. Both day time and night time would be a great memory for you especially someone how are in love.  One of the places in Chiang Mai town where most people go is the Ping River bank. You could starts the walk and stroll along Thapae Road to the river. Along the walk way, not only the colorful lanterns that decorating, but also the atmosphere as you are going to hear the sound of the Chinese Crackers and the fireworks too. Near the river bank, there are the locals who intended to float the Krathong to worship the Goddess of the River. ( Phra Mae Kong Ka). They are going to lit the candles and incenses and let it float. Making wishes to get rid of the bad luck and wishes for the good luck by clipping the finger nails and some coins also put in as well. There are many of them in the river by night. This is the main reason that they put some coins in it. It looks beautiful by night, but in the morning, the workers would have to clean them from the river. The coins would be something to pay them their work instead of the wage they get from the officer. Parades are also hear as well with the beautiful decorated floats and beauty contest for the young lady and the  little kids. In this time of the breakout, there might be some adjustment which suitable for the present situation. However Chiang Mai still be one of the places in your mind and plan to visit as soon as you could plan the trip. Visit Chiang Mai and let us show you our beautiful city and lovely home town.


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