Pa Pong Piang, the rainy season place to visit.

Many people dream of travel away from the hectic and busy life style to somewhere peaceful and relax to calm your mind. If you don’t mind of being comfortable in the luxury hotel in town. We would like to recommend you this place. However as we said don’t compare with the hotels where there are nice, cozy, full of equipment and facilities.

Pa Pong Piang located in Mae Cheam district, Chiang Mai. It takes around almost 2 hours to get to the place. Pa Pong Piang gives you the panoramic view of the mountains and the step rice fields. It would take your breath away. You could reach the place by the local trucks serviced by the locals as the places located on the hills with narrow road, we do need to have the expert driver to take us there. Accommodations would be very simple as the farm huts from straw and bamboo. It is good to visit in rainy season time in Thailand so that you could see the green terrace rice fields. Mainly people who live there are the Karen people ( Paka Kayor) and they earn their living by rice farming, corn farming and vegetables. During July and August, you could see the green rice fields till September, you could possible see the golden terrace rice fields which great for taking photos. These depend on how you prefer to see which part of the rice plantation season.

 To get there, there are 2 ways : Pass through the highest mountain in Thailand, “ Doi Inthanont ” to Mae Cheam or using the main road from Chomthong district and continue to Mae Cheam. However you are going to reach the place in late afternoon which is peaceful and relax atmosphere and have a rest to enjoy the morning sun rises over the terrace rice fields in the next morning.

These place is worth to visit and combine your trip with Doi Inthanont National Park, the highest mountain in Thailand. However if  you prefer to combine the trip together, we would suggested you to visit Pa Pong Piang as the first destination for 1 night and then continue to Doi Inthanont for one more night in the local homestay before heading back to Chiang Mai city or heading to some other places in your journey. There are more places to see in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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