Khun Kan Chananont Curve, Chiang Mai

Regarding to our blog, we had once telling you about Doi Suthep Temple, the most famous temple in Chiang Mai. Well known among the Buddhist pilgrimage as the place where the relics of the Lord Buddha had contained in the golden pagoda on the west side of Chiang Mai. Also the local people in Chiang Mai always say to all visitors that if you have a change to visit to Chiang Mai and never have a change to visit to this temple ( Doi Suthep Temple), you are not in Chiang Mai!!.

The road that leads us up to the temple once it was only the narrow path just for the people to go up the hill and it was also winding and steep rocky path. Dated back to 2477BE, Kru Ba Sriwichai, The famous monk of Lanna had persuaded the local volunteers to build the road up to the temple. At that time Khun Kan, the wealthy Tai Yai people who have faith in Buddhism volunteered to build a road at this sharp bend. With his experience in the construction of a log towing path. Khun Kan mobilized his people to build a full road. As well as using your personal funds to build as well The final curve of the road to Phra That Doi Suthep was finally completed. Teacher Kruba Srivichai Therefore named this arch “Khun Khong Kong” as a memorial to “Khun Kan” who is an important force in this difficult final bend.

Now a day, when people drive up or walking up to Doi Suthep Temple, we do have to pass the memorial of “Khun Kan”. Locals people when driving pass, we are going to horn to honor him. Not only the visitor, but also the freshmen of Chiang Mai University as well as the other universities in Chiang Mai now also take a walk up to honor Khun Kan as well as to worship to the relics of the Lord Buddha for protection and good luck.

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