The City walls of Chiang Mai.

If you have a chance to visit Chiang Mai, the capital city of Lanna Kingdom. Also well known as the Roes of the Northern Thailand. From Chiang Mai International Airport,, located only a few minutes from the airport. When you arrive in the old town area, you will see pictures of trees, moats, city walls and streets that surround the city. It is an image that creates eye comfort and tranquility, especially in the evening.  From the childhood telling of Chiang Mai elderly who are 70 – 80 years old, the old walls are very old and broken from the long history. The inner area of the old city walls are covered with the dirt and overgrown grass  with the small narrow path just to walk.  No ox-carts to pass through it and no one wanted to walk through by the night as for the safety reasons.

Since 1965ADs, the officers from Chiang Mai Municipality had begun to renovate the old walls around the old town as present.

When you walk around the old city, you could see 2 parts of the wall:-

1. Part of the bricks wall in rectangle shape with 900 meters wide and 1,000 meters long

2.Part of the earth (clay)  wall that envelops the city, from the area of ​​Tha Phae Road near Wat Bupparam Temple to Suan Prung Hospital.

Walking in the old town is one of the activites, you could do by your own. Not only for fun, but it is also a good exercise.

The corner of a rectangular city wall called “ Jang ” Each of them has the following names:

Jang  Hua Rin at Huai Kaew Road, close to Chiang Mai Ram Hospital.

Jang Sri Phum opposite Wat Chai Sri Phum , locals known as Panta kearn Temple as this corner is the deepest moat of the 4 corners.

Jang Kham Tam near the elephant temple. ‘Khatham’  is one kind of fishing tool. Originally people often come to trap fish using ‘Khatham’ in this area

Jang Ku Huong opposite Suan Prung Hospital ( Chiang Mai Phychiatric Hospital.

In the morning, you could walking or jogging around the old walls and observe the locals life of the locals which is beautiful and lovely to see. Because not only the beautiful old walls for you to see, but also the temples and other interesting for you to see and enjoy.

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