Waiting for the vaccine

How to move on to the no clue future.

Many questions are now running in our minds as we are all now facing to the same situation that we are all fighting  now. However the same problems that spread all around the world with the same target of destruction.  This doesn’t mean about the wars that people tried to create by ourselves, but also the nature that also tries to select the useful creatures to survive. This is what I’m really think. In this time, we are all facing to the nature disasters as well as the diseases. However now we could say that nobody denied that you don’t know about the Coronavirus or Covid-19 for short. Started from China and then happens around the world like the wind spreads. Because the disease is new for us ,the human to prepare.  We are now had lost many lives no matter where we are or what nationalities, rich or poor. Meanwhile when the disease moves on its way, it has revealed the humanity might not as good as we are now. We have found that there are many selfish people in everywhere. We have found that we have to take care ourselves as much as we could possible to do best as we could. Vaccine is the best way to get out of this trouble, but as it is very new for human, it takes time to invent and cure the people. What I have seen in many countries, the leaders have more efficiency to control and help to reduce the mortality of the people under the control. However not every countries would work the same way. I found that the bad management could ruin and kill people because of their mind and selfish. Lives of the people are in their hands and bad management just only the words that we  could say and couldn’t say something else. Many people couldn’t get the good vaccine to fight against the virus. Even doctors and nurses who work very hard in many hospitals and places so don’t say about the local people who have no how to use the internet and computer to get all helps or register for the vaccine.  Now we have no clue about what to do, but for sure that we have to stay alive for our family and do our best to survive no matter we could get the vaccine or not. We have now is hope and pray that we could get through this hard time and have a new brighter days.

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