Chiang Mai is waiting for your visit.

When people say about travelling somewhere, we could quarante that Chiang Mai is one of the destinations that people dream of. As Chiang Mai is not too big and crowded as in Bangkok. Travel in Chiang Mai would be a perfect trip for all no matter you are foreigner or Thai people. Human has something in common no matter you are from anywhere. People who have live in the mountain area would dream of the seas and the people who live near by the seas would dream of the mountains. It is about the demand and supply. We are always longing for what we don’t have in our lives.

Let’s go back to what we want to tell you. Chiang Mai is one of the big capital city of Thailand, but not too busy and hectic as in Bangkok and Phuket where is the third capital of Thailand. With the area of  40.22 square kilometers  with 127,240 people ( This according to the report in 2019) which not to many. It is also surrounded by the mountains for you or the travelers who loves nature and landscape to visit. Many people had visited Chiang Mai before and always revisit as they prefer to.

Chiang Mai has many famous places both mountains, national parks, waterfalls, flower gardens, temples as well as other activities which related to your preferences. Activities which relates for animal lovers like being part of the elephant boys and take care of the elephants or even the extream activities like Go-kart drive, Bungy jump, ATV ride as well as the White water rafting. Culture and the tradition in Chiang Mai are also interesting as the people still keep practicing the old culture and tradition to preserve them along with the young generation that return home to help the elderly to be the unique culture and tradition in our country. Since the Coronavirus ( Covid-19) has spread to different area around the world, it would take times to heal and recover from the disease. Not only for us as the human being, but also the environment has return to the forests and landscape as well as the wildlife. Hopefully the Coronavirus has both positive and negative purpose in balanced to restarts both of the humanity, environment and others around us . However before we reach to the highest point of all, people should be kind , care , love and sharing to each other for the new days for us to see the glory future. Then we could see each other and have a chance to travel to all places we wish to as well as you could travel to Thailand and visit us in Chiang Mai, the most beautiful roses in the north of Thailand. So that we could have a chance to see you and show you how beautiful nature, culture, tradition as well as the smile of the locals very soon.

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