Hobby and traveling, the magic idea to kill stressing and time.

Now a day, people have faced to many different things which could cause the very bad stress. The stress in your mind could be harmful and could also cause the illness. You might have heard about the proverb said “A sound mind in a sound body.” which is true. You could see that when you feel depress, your brain would command you to stop moving and keep on think in of the problems no matter how long you have forgotten those problems already. They are automatically in your mind without the invitation. When your mind commands, the chemical in your body starts to produce “Cortisol” that sometimes we couldn’t control and could also cause more troubles.  Many people try to control and keep them down by trying to do somethings to avoid the body to produce the cortisol, but instead to make your body to produce “Endorphin” which make you more happy and relax. We couldn’t deny that hobby is one way to reduce the stress instead of exercises. Hobby comes in different forms. Some people choose reading, drawing, painting, Singing, Music in they own ways, sewing, embroidering and more. All of them depend on how you like it or how your talent is. What if you have no talent, you could also find the video or see on YouTube to find out what you like and prefer to do. In the hard times and bad situations, we could find somethings to do to avoid how stressful and being happy. If you mind clam and happy, it would automatic effect to your physically and improve your body to be stronger and happier. A person could have more than one hobby, but no matter how many hobbies you have, they could give you the benefit in both for your mind and body as well as could be one of your own business. Let’s try one hobby you like to do and you could see how it effect to your life.

Travel is one of the things, people prefer to do along with the hobby as some of the hobby could also bring along the trip and everywhere we go. These 2 activities could go along very well. Also they are good therapy for your mind. They could gain your energy back the same as the car needs the fuel. The same as the trees and plants need rain. Try one of them to make you feel happy and freshen your life up!



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