Pra Borrommatat Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai


Doi Suthep Temples or Pra Borromatat Doi Suthep is as the symbol of Chiang Mai. Thai people know that if they have a chance to visit Chiang Mai however no visit of Doi Suthep , it is not the complete trip without Doi Suthep Temple. This temple is the must for all tourists to visit.

The temple was built in late 1300s as the sacred place where King Kue Na of Lanna Kingdom contain the relics of the Lord Buddha in it. The shining pagoda in the middle of the temple ground is the most important. Inside the temple itself has many beautiful decoration in Thai design and Buddha images. The beautiful mural painting on the wall is also await for you to see.

The temple balcony offer you the birds’eyes view of Chiang Mai city which is very beautiful for both day time and nigh time. Flanked Naga stairs which leads you up and down the temple is also worth walking.

Remember that ” If you are in Chiang Mai , you trip wouldn’t complete without seeing this temple”

Temple time is from 6:00am – 8:00pm

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