The Pai bamboo bridge ” Kho-Ku-So”

The Pai bamboo bridge ” Kho-Ku-So”, the bridge of merit.


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Once our blog had written about the bamboo bridge in Mae Hongson area names ” Su Tong Pae” which the local built for the monks to walk in the shorter distance to get the food  from the local. However as the time of the people that have for their holiday are so different. Some has time no limit ,but some don’t. They also wish to visit as witness by themselves as well. Instead of “Su Tng Pae” bamboo bridge in Mae Hongson if you have no time , you could also now visit the bamboo bridge in Pai as well.

As for the landscape in Pai town which located in the mountain area. The locals mostly are farmers  and difficult to find the flat area for their rice fields.The bridge is located  at Ban Pambok , Thong Yao , Pai district , Mae Hongson province. The bridge names is ” Kho-Ku-So” – the bridge of merit. The locals in the area called” Tai-Yai” one of the locals Thai who migrated from Myanmar in to Thailand. Due to Mae Hongson province is close by the border. “Tai people”are also Buddhist which has strong believe in the Buddhism. As they see the monks have to walk in the long distance ( 6 kilometer from the village to the temple ) to get the food from the village as well as walking through the rice fields and the forest which is difficult to avoid stepping on the rice plantation of the local people. Then the locals built the bridge for them to walk in a short cut for them to reach the village easily.

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The bridge was built from the bamboo which is easy to find in the area and weave in together total  815 meters long and  1 – 2 meters above the ground on the cement pillars depending on which part of the bridge is going to pass. The bridge itself is joining the village , Bam Pambok and the temple called ” Wat Hauy -Kai- Kiri” for the main reason for the monks.

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Walking along the bridge is very pleasant because of the lovely view of the forest as well as the rice fields along the walk way. Now the bridge becomes one of the beautiful place to visit in Pai. If you have no chance to visit the “Su Tong Pae “Bamboo bridge in Mae Hongson, ” Kho Ku So” bamboo bridge is one of the bridge you could add in you trip to enjoy with the peaceful view of nature as well. If you have a chance to visit Pai, why don’t you add this place to your plan?  🙂

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