Khanom Krok! ( Thai rice pancake)

The Khanom Krok! ( Thai rice pancake)

Thailand is one of the country which is very famous for food and desert  as you could find the delicious and testy food almost everywhere. Walking around in the local markets or along the way. It is very often you could see the merchants who sell the Thai desert called ” Khanom Krok” ( The Thai Rice Pancake). It is the simple local desert which all people could cook.

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The cooking pan with small tiny pans spread on the big pan. In the old days, it usually made of clay and pottery. However at present, all pan made from steel which is hotter and faster. Near by the vendors usually the kettles which contain the mixed  ingredients for rice pancake in it to make it easy to fill in the pan. After fill in, you just have to wait until they cooked. There are plain rice cake which you  could eat with sugar topping if  you like sweet. However there are many different topping for Thai rice pancake as well. There are sweet corn , carrots , Taro  and more depending on the idea.

Simple serve usually in the banana leave plate which is form easily by folding the banana leaves to the small boat shape container. As we know, life is change now, some places are using the foam box instead for more convenient.

Let’s try next time if you have a chance. Thai taste is charming and come in different kind of food and desert and now you know one of them.

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