What could you see from Bangkok to Chiang Mai?

What could you see from Bangkok to Chiang Mai?

Most  people  arrive in Thailand by  flight from  many places around the world and the first stop is Bangkok!  Of course, Bangkok is the first  capital of Thailand. However many people still thinking of Chiang Mai , the rose of the North as the  second capital of Thailand ,but the first capital of the north.

Many people have planed  their trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by flight because it  is the fastest way to get to Chiang Mai if you have limit of time. However there are many places and many things to see on route from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by car.  Leaving from  Bangkok to biggest capital of Thailand and heading to Chiang Mai, 700 kilometers  is the long way ,but many to see.


Ayutthaya would be the first destination for the journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, it is only  81 kilometers from Bangkok.  In Ayutthaya ,  Pang Pa In Summer Palace : Built in 1632Ads and completely built in 1889ADS during King Rama 5th of Thailand. The palace used only rarely for banquets and special occasions by the Royal Family.


Phanan Cheong Temple, Ayutthaya , located on the east bank riverside of the Chao Phraya River with the biggest sitting Buddha image cal;ed “ Luang Por Tho” by all Thai and “ Sam Pao Kong” by Thais-Chinese. Wat Yai Chai Mongkol Temple is also one of the famous temple in Ayutthaya. People travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai always stop by. The name of the temple itself has very good meaning “ The biggest and the greatest victory” , the name remained Thai people of King Naresuan the Great had an order to construct this Chedi as the memorial for his victory over King Maha Uparacha of Burma. After Ayutthaya , drive through Angthong, Singburi  , Nakornsawon , Kampangphet and Phisanulok province.

You might have heard about the famous gold sculpture of the Buddha as the most beautiful Buddha image called “ Phra Buddha Chinarat” of Phisanulok in Wat Phra Sri Ratana Mahathat which you could find here in Phitsanolok.

From Phitsanulok heading to Sukhothai ( The Dawn of Happiness) , this is one of the famous site to visit during the trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai . Ramkamheang National Museum where you could get the information of Sukhothai with many collection of the  historical objects. From the museum , a few minute walk , you could  enjoy the site of Sukhothai Historical Park, with the old buildings dates back for over 700 years. Not only a good spot of you to take a challenge for  taking photos of the beautiful site of the historical park. Moreover  you could enjoy biking around the historical park and exercising in the same time. Seeing  Wat Mahathat , Wat Sri Sa-wai , Wat Sri Chum and more.  It is a great time for you  to enjoy.  We could say that it is the must for your to visit for the journey from  Bangkok to Chiang Mai.  From Sukhothai, the next destination is Lampang  ( We gets close to Chiang Mai now J)

Lampang  is about an hour to get to Chiang Mai. However you should miss Lampang.  Lampang Lung Temple is the most famous spot to see. The temple itself still in Lanna-Thai style with open hall in wood.  The amazing reflex mirror picture of the main pagoda upside down. The Horse carriage is also the must activity for you to do hear.  During the drive to Chiang Mai from Lampang, the local market called “ Baan Ta local market” is the  local life style market which is difficult to see  in the big city or town.  It couldn’t compare with your supermarkets from where you come from. The way  they sell things and the things they sell would amaze you.  After  having some days on the journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, now you almost there.  From Lampang to Chiang Mai takes roughly  an hour to the rose of the north, Chiang Mai.

The highlight in Chiang Mai are nature , temples and architect as well as the animal, of course elephant. Chiang Mai is the combination of nature with the mountains area , temples and architecture , people  , tradition as well as the elephant program.

Doi Suthep Temple is the must site that you should visit. The temple located on the tip of Doi Suthep mountain which is on the west side of Chiang Mai city. With the beautiful dented golden pagoda ,the fresh air and nice view to overlook Chiang Mai city. Elephant programs are also famous activities which you could experience. Nature of the highest peak , Doi Inthanont  and the hilltribes.  Local life style of the native Chiang Mai people and tradition which you could found  and enjoy every moment are here and more.

This journey on route offer by Chiang Mai Tour Center would takes minimum 5 days up to 12 days for your visit. If you have a  chance to visit Thailand, this route trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is  the trip you shouldn’t miss.



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