Khoa Mun Ping.

Local snacks “ Khoa Mun Ping”

Chiang Mai is one of the famous destinations among all tourists as it is the 2nd biggest capital city in Thailand. Good climate and atmosphere, no busy traffics and peaceful and also famous for the local food and desserts.

Walking around the city and dross over Nawarat Bridge and straight down the street. You are going to find the local market called “ San Pa Khoi Market”, one of the local market in Chiang Mai for the locals at the other side of the Ping river. In the market, you could see the local food and desserts as well as other kinds of stuffs. As it is the fresh market, more or less we could say it is almost the same as the supermarkets as you have in your country. After walking and checking around the market. If you  go through the beck, you are going to find the boxing stadium that belong to the soldier.

Walk to the left of the back of the market, you are going to find the small shop where the old couple and their daughter sell the local snack called “ Khao Mun Ping”.  Word by word as you might have heard that “ Khao” means Rice ( it could be both : Sticky rice ( Khao Niew) or Khoa Jao ( Regular rice)

                    “ Mun” means fat from coconut milk which mix in the sticky rice to make more flavor.   Also it could refer to the sweet potatoes inside the cooked sticky rice inside the banana leaves

                   “ Ping”  refers to the action of grilling or putting somethings over the stove with the hot charcoal underneath.

This kind of the snack is wrapped in the banana leaves while grilling on the hot charcoal. This is the art of local Cooking method as the smell of the banana leaves grilled is good. This kind of snack no need to add any extra smell.

You could find the local snack ( Khao Mun Ping) in most of local market. However we suggested this local shop as they cook the bigger size compare with other places. Not only the “ Kho Mun Ping” , you could also taste “ Fried Banaba in pieces or a whole babana friend with the coconut which is delicious.

Well as it tastes very good, you might need to go on diet as you could gain weight very easy because it is so yummy!!

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