“Thoong Fah Bod”, market of the very local market on Saturday

“Thoong Fah Bod”, the super very local market for Saturday!

“Kard Thoong Fah Bod” is a very common in Chiang Mai for the local people instead of Waroroj and Ton Lamyai Market by the Ping River in Chiang Mai city.
Located outside around 20-25 kms from Chiang Mai city  to the south area. The market is only on Saturday. Many people are used to the Saturday walking street market in Chiang Mai which also on every Saturday. However the time is different. Thoong Fah Bod Saturday Market is only for half day in the morning time which means if you are a big shopper and loves to see the local life. We think this is the place you would love to go and see by yourself.

Travel from Chiang Mai on Saturday to the south side ,you could have a chance to stop by. Yellow local taxi passing there as well. If you have the trip in many day from Chiang Mai and there is Saturday in your trip you could also do that as well.

The market is both side of the street and deep way inside the area. You could also find everything there. As it is very local for the locals near by. Food , things , plants or even the live stock for cows , buffaloes , hens , chickens and more you could find here. The feeling of walking among the local people in the this market would give you different feeling compare with the one in the city closes by the Ping River. It is something that very hard to explain. It is better for you to witness and might get some thing as the souvenir home. May be who know?  🙂




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