Khantoke Dinner , Lanna traditional dinner and cultural show

Khantoke Dinner ,Lanna  Traditional dinner.


“ Khan Toke” or ” Toke” is the local Lanna word for the tray  with  the  stand  which  the  local people  use  to  serve  the  meal  especially  dinner  for  the very  important guest who  has  a chance  to  visit their home in the North Thailand. The Khantoke of the tray consist off round  wooden tray  with  a  stand underneath . They are many sizes and  different material such as wood  and bamboo. They come  with  variety  of  Northern Thai dishes  which  is  now  rare  for  the people  to  see.

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In the tray , there are   the  Northern  local Thai  food  such  as “ Nam Prik Oong” , mince pork  with  tomatoes and chilli dipping sauce.  “ Nam Prik Noom” , green  chilli dipping  suace. “ Kab  Moo” , fried  pork skin  or people  used to call  it “ Chicharon” “ Mee Wan”, sweet  and  sour  fried  noodles  with  tamarind  syrup  and  more.

In Chiang Mai, there are still some  places that offer the traditional Khantoke Dinner where you could try and enjoy the local food. The Khantoke dinner in some places also offer the dinner with the traditional Thai performance show for you to enjoy with the lovely night as well.




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Enjoy meal and the performance dinner is the pleasant time isn’t it? 


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