Wiang Khumkam, the lost city of Chiang Mai

Wiang Khumkam is one for the famous side of Chiang Mai as it is older than Chiang Mai old town as present. Wiang Khumkam located in the east side of the Ping River. Estimate the area with 600 meters in width and 800 meters in length. However it is only 300 meters above the sea level. It was built in 1283Ads after the victory of King Mengrai over Hariphunchai ( Lamphun province as present). As located near the Ping River as well as the area look like the basin when there was rain and flood, the old town always covered with water. King Mengrai soon decided to move the city to the present area which is near the foot hill of  Doi Suthep Temple on the west side of the Ping River in 1296 Ads.

Wiang Khumkam, the lost city as present is one of the unseen attraction for the visitors to visit to see part of the old building and the prosperity of the old days. After the Fine Art Department of Thailand had surveyed and found the lost city underground. They found many old temples such as Wat Ku Pa Dom, Wat Chang Khum, Wat Pra Khao, Wat E-Kang , Wat Nan- Chang which still stand gracefully after digging into the ground for 1 – 1.5 meters deep. Also with the old pottery which you could also see in the small museum of the Wiang Khumkam before taking the tramp, the horse carriage or enjoying the bike ride in the the lost city.

Chiang Mai province as you know there are varieties in term of nature, culture, old building and architecture as well as the traditional and local people. It is still waiting for  you here to visit and learn.

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