Travel Issue in 2021

We all may not forget about the new situation that we all as a human in the same whole world. As we have never had this kind of disease in our world, people have been panic and afraid of it as people  have already killed  in many areas.  World at peace has already gone and the new life style has started.

People try invented and adjusted  our lives to be safe from the disease and this virus as it might take many years to invent the vaccine and the medicine to fight against it. However during the researching and the invention, it has improved and developed itself to be stronger as well which means this situation is going to be with us in the same world for a while. Then as human being, we have to adjust ourselves and be prepared to avoid and keep safe for life. For now, there is still no confirm that the vaccine that  had already invented and had shot to many people is now successful and confirm to protect them from the virus, but during the observation with hope that it could stop and safe the people lives.

However the basic way to protect us to against the virus is ….

Put a mask on when leaving outside the house

Avoid the crowded of the people or closed area that have no wind and air circulation

Avoid touching to make safe for yourself and others

Always clean your hands as you touch many things during the day.

Use the alcohol gel after touching things.

Eat clean and good food with your own spoon and fork.

Be aware and alert in the public

Catching on news or the announcement from our country and government.

These are the basic rules for us all now that would be in the same way to follow in term to keep ourselves safe and healthy.

We hope you are safe and hope to see you all in the nearest future.

Our best wishes and best regards sending to all friends all over the world.

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