Canal boat trip on The Chao Phraya River

People travel from around the world to find out the different climate, atmosphere, culture and what we have never seen in our own country. The destination in Southeast Asia, you could not deny that Thailand is one of the famous destination on the list. Of course! When we talk about Thailand, Bangkok would come into you mind.

Bangkok, Thailand capital with more varieties and diversities as a biggest capital in Thailand. However Bangkok is a biggest city in Thailand, but still many interesting for people to visit. Today we are going to tell you about the boat trip on the Chao Phraya River into the small irrigation channels near by.  The trip could starts from the piers near by the Chao Phraya River such us from Pin Klao pier, Tha Phra A-Thit pier, Tha Phra Chan pier or Tha-Tian pier.  The boat trip is by the big long-tailed boat which capacity could carry around 6 – 7 people.  The long-tailed boat would go along the Chao Phraya River and turn into the small irrigation channel to Klong  ChakPra and Klong Mon . Total trip is around an hour for you to enjoy with the local life style along the river and canals. Seeing local houses which builds on the stand posts and on the river bank. Some of them from wood, some from half wood and cement mixing to be stronger and higher than the water level which could raise higher in the rainy season. Locals who live near by the canals, irrigation channels and river always use boat for the transportation which is always hectic and busy in the weekend.

On the boat trip, you could stop by on the way to feed the catfish on the way. They eat bread which you could buy in front of the temple and you could have fun seeing them eating the bread close by the boat. There are about 2 – 3 places long the canal for you to feed them.  Other exciting part on the trip is you could also see the big lizards along the river bank for sun bathing or swimming in the river as well.  Be quick and look for them if you like to take pictures. Soon the canal would join back to the main Chao Phraya River and drop you off at Wat Arun, the temple of dawn which stands gracefully on the Chao Phraya river bank await for your next destination to visit. The long-tailed boat is going to end here which means on the way back you could also continue by the crossing boat from the temple back to the starter point or could also take the tourist boat to other destination.

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