Inthakhin Temple

Wat Inthakhin or Wat Sa Due Muang
This temple is located right in the middle of Chiang Mai City on Inthawarorot Rd. near by the Tree King Monument. The small building is easy to find before the local restaurants along side on the street.
The temple is located in the site where no the City Pillar Temple situated was formally occupied by the City Pillar called ” Inthakhin”or ” Sao Inthakhin”. It was built in 1296 by King Mengrai of Lanna  Kingdom. As it is located in the center of Chiang Mai old city area, the locals called ” Wat Sa Due Muang” which means ” the city center temple”. ( Sa-due = a navel , an umbilicus , the center of the body )( Muang = city).
Inside the building, you could find the big Buddha Image called “Luang Por Khao” ( The White Buddha) , in Lanna style. With the delight and smiling face of Luang Por Khao, people who have a chance to visit and worship are always happy , confident and hopeful for their success in the future.
This temple had renovated the building with now wood carving and painted in golden to make the detail of the Thai art and the architect more outstanding.While walking around inside the old town. This temple is one of the temple you shouldn’t miss.
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