The Si-Lor ( Chiang Mai local Taxi)

The Si-Lor ( Si is 4 , Lor is wheel ) ,one of the local transportation in Chiang Mai. Poppular among the locals due to there are many Si – Lor for the different colors and different directions.  There are red, white , green , yellow , orange and blue. However the most seen is in Red. The pick up truck with the cap over the top. Behind the truck , it contains the long bench with soft seat for the passengers.  One Si-Lor could fit maximum  10-12 people sitting in the side way along the length of the truck. Facing to each other is the trick for the passengers could make friends and starts  the conversation as well during their ride. However if you prefer to have the Si-Lor for your own by renting for a day, it is possible to do so. You could inform the driver and deal with the price directly.
The Red Si-Lor are easy to find them in Chiang Mai area , on the streets  and everywhere. You could call them on the road. The other colors for the Si-Lor, you could find them in different places in Chiang Mai. Bus stops or in front of the markets.  Of course!  the market, Kard Luang or the biggest day local market near by the Ping River is the place where you could find the Si-Lor taxi in different colors as well. It is the way of the local life style for the locals. Try get on the Si-Lor once and you could have more local friends.
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