Ta-Lard Rom Hoop ( Train Market)

Ta-Lard Rom Hoop ( Train Market)

Train Market, Thailand or known by the local people in Thailand, “ Ta-lard Rom Hoop”.

“Ta-lard” means  market, “Rom” means  Umbrella or the shade which comes from the tents that the local vendors used to give them the shade and hiding from the heat of the sun while selling their things in the market. “ Hoop “ is the verb means to close. No wonder, you could see all vendors close their umbrellas when the train passes by.



Train Market or “ Ta-lard Rom Hoop” located at Mae Klong District, Samutsongkram province. It is the local market which located closes …very very close to the rail road as the pictures shown. Some people called it, “The market of risky” because the people have to move along side of the railroad when the train passes by. Even that close, the vendors are not going to move their things from their position and there would be no worry on their faces as well. As the things for sell are in their perfect spot which not makes any troubles for both train and vendors. When the train comes all vendors would start to close their umbrellas and all tents away from the railway which is very narrow. The train move slowly through the market to its station ( Mae Klong Station)

In the market, there are usually vegetables and of course the sea food as Samutsongkram province is located close to the Gulf of Thailand. There are also the fishmen send the fish here.

The train would pass by the train market 8 times a day as below:-

Arrival to Mae Klong Station from Bangkok  at 8.30am , 11.10 am.  , 02.30 pm. and 5.40 pm.

Depart from Mae Klong Station to Bangkok  at 6.20  am. , 9.00 am , 11.30 am. and 3.30 pm.

This is a local life which you could find here in Thailand and also a good place for you to take a picture as well.

You could also travelling by car to Mae Klong station and wait at the market as well for you to witness  the incredible train market or add this place to your plan trip  “ Ta- lard Rom Hoop” Mae Klong Thialand.



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