The Blue Temple, Chiang Rai.

Chiang Rai is one of the places for many visitors to the Northern Thailand to visit instead of Chiang Mai. Many people would think of the White temple which is unique in its own style and color. One of the temple that we could forget in Chiang Rai in term of the style and unique color is “ The Blue temple ” or known by the locals, “ Rong Suae Ten Temple, the temple of the jumping tigers”. The name of the temple is named after the view of the tigers jumped across the stream in the old days. As for the local people in that area had to go to the temples nearby their village because they don’t have the temple themselves, but the ruin of the old one. Then they reconstructed the temple again for the villager to pray and meditate. The art and design was by “ Mr. Puttha  Karbkaew or Sala Nok” ( the craftsman is called Sala in the northern local dialect language.) He is one of Mr. Chalermchai Kositpipat’ s team who create the famous White temple.

The main building of the Blue temple was started to reconstruction in October,2005 and finished in January, 2016. It took 11 years in total. The vihara or the main building is 13 meters wide and 48 meters long. Decorate in blue color and the graceful Nagas ( kings of the serpent) at the main entrance of the building. Inside the building, you could see the principle Buddha image in white 6.5 meters high and 5 meters at his lap based. Along with the beautiful mural paintings as well as the magnificent sculptures and more in its own area. Also it is located not too far from Chiang Rai city area which is easy to visit before continuing to other attractions in Chiang Rai province.

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