Boat Trip in Chiang Mai

Boat trip in Chiang Mai

Visiting  to Chiang  Mai in the old days  is now to easy and more convenient as present. Chiang Mai located on the hill , in the old days there were only 2 ways for the traveler  to choose from by elephant riding or along the river. Mae Ping River or Nam Mae Ping is the main river in Chiang Mai which is on the east side of Chiang Mai old city. Royal family and the locals used to take the boat along the river when they traveled. However after 1920AD , the city had developed and started to have the road the people started to use the ox-carts and cars instead.

In the present days, in Chiang Mai  you could still enjoy the river boat ride on Mae Ping River  see the lovely scenery along the river and peaceful. Because it is not noisy as Chopraya River in Bangkok where still use boats for the transportation as in the old days. Along the way where the boat pass by. You could see and enjoy more for the scenery of the river bank and see how people along the river spend their lives.
The boats come in different sizes and shapes. These depending on how many people contain on the boat. The smallest one would be the longtail boat with the roof cover to protect from the sun. Next would be the one that we used to transport the rice paddy which could contain about 6-8 people. Then the last one woudl be the biggest where some of them offer the tables and seats for people  in group or for the river cruise dinner along the river in the night time which is very pleasant with light from houses along the river.
This is one of the activity we would like to recommend the guests when visit Chiang Mai to enjoy and try. Slow along the river , cool breeze against your face so don’t miss it.


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