Fun day(s) in Kanchanaburi (part2)

Fun day(s) in Kanchanaburi (part2)

            Not just only the rich history of World War 2, but Kanchanaburi and the surrounding areas have so much to offer everyone with many other fun things to do and see, both places (man) made on purpose and the nature ones. It can be for a day up to weeks depending on time one has.

Mallika City is a reasonably new tourist attraction. It is a park designed to look like Thailand dates back 100 years ago during the rule of King Rama V. All the architectures, bridges, rickshaws, foods and culture during that period of time have been created so that visitors can understand easily about a part of the history of this country. Of course, it sounds touristy but why not try going there renting the traditional Thai costumes and walk around the park with other Thai tourists there. It can be a very fun and cultural learning opportunity!

Another tourist attraction relates with Thai culture is Kai Surasee floating market worth spending about half a day there. It is not much far from the city center. This place used to be the location for filming a historical movie called King Naresuan. There are a lot of shops selling handicrafts and handmade local produced things.

For family based activity, Kantana Movie Café is a good place to go. It is located in the country side and the side of Maeklong River in Ta Muang District, with very nice view and relaxing atmosphere. There are delicious dishes to choose with reasonable prices, and free movies to watch for free. There are also acting courses for children to participate as well, if they would like to.

Another fun place to go is the newly opened Westwonder Waterpark, the biggest park in this province. With the sunny hot humid days, why not go to this park and enjoy your time in this park!

There are religious places one can visit if interested in, such as Buddhist temples and the Khmer ruins. The beautiful temples in this province frequently visited by tourists are Wat Tam Sua known as having very beautiful golden Buddha statue and the very tall stupa. Another one is the Stainless temple and the stainless Buddha statue of Lamkakaeng. It is located in Srisawat District. To get there, one has to take the long tail boat from Srinakarin Dam because this temple is on the island. And, the only Khmer ruin in this province is Prasat Muangsingh which is located in Saiyok District, about 35 km away from Kanchanaburi town.

Since it is quite mountainous, there are many waterfalls to be visited. The most popular one is Erawan Falls. But, there are also other beautiful waterfalls in this area too such as Huay Kamin Fall in Srisawat District. Or, a few national parks offer amazing and stunning sceneries such as Khao Chang Puak mountain in Tongpapoom National Park, one has to register in advance because the park control the number of visitors in order to preserve the nature there. The 1,767 meter San Nok Wua Mountain is the highest mountain in this province. It can be quite a physical challenge and would be only for the fit ones, but one would not regret once you do this trek. Lam Klong Ngu cave has the highest limestone pillar in the world, 62.5 meter high. It is located in Lam Klong Ngu National Park.

These mentioned above are just a few places compare with so many other places could be visited in this province. So, if you plan to visit this province make sure you also spare more time too.

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